Thursday, May 08, 2008

recap of the week

Introducing Oscar! Caroline and Serge's new arrival!
Olivia's second birthday party
He's such a cutie pie!
You can't go wrong with Smarties on a cake!

Hudson tormenting the dog.


Susan said...

Yay, I love Hudson pictures (even though I see him at least once a week)! And yes, you have a perfect dog for Hudson; so patient...

Chantal said...

Ooh, who's the chillin' new baby? cute! hehehe, love Hudson. Love it at the end when he's all down that bosco's not playing with him. lol!!!

Anonymous said...

why did you ruin hudson's fun and tell him that bosco doesn't want to play with him? poor hudson!

come visit!


Audrey said...

You can't go wrong with smarties AND sprinkles on the cake. The girls would love that. And she has a cute doggie and bone necklace on.

Hudson is a cutie and Bosco is VERY patient. What a good dog.

Shannon said...

I love the footage of Hudson playing "Whack-A-Paw" with Bosco! Too funny!