Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's Recap

three random facts about my day today:

1. I got new eyeglasses that I love (and I love that Lenscrafters really had them done in an hour). No more coke-bottles for me!
2. Hudson purposefully took a huge MegaBlock piece of Lego with him to bed, and actually fell asleep holding the hard plastic against his body (reinforcing the fact that I so don't get boys)
3. Hudson had his first accident that involved blood. He banged his face against a table and cut inside his mouth. I didn't know where he hurt himself, until I saw the blood oozing from his (crying) mouth. It instantly turned my stomach, and I panicked. Lucky for me his papa stayed (relatively) calm.


Audrey said...

Ask Shannon about Laser eye surgery. I don't know what her prescription was but it would be so good for you to not have to worry about glasses, eh? Maybe when you come visit me in Penticton for months and months while Rob is in Regina, I can help you look after Hudson and you can get it done! And I can see what it's like to have a boy you bonks himself and sleeps with hard plastic toys.

Shannon said...

1) Oh please post a photo of you and your new funky glasses! But, I must admit not having to bother with glasses or contacts is splendid.

2) Duh Mama! It's Lego's 50th anniversary! He's pretty intuitive and just celebrating the big event. I think he's a genius.

3) Poor little bub! I hope he's ok.

Susan said...

So we've said it before, and we'll say it again, Hudson is a typical BOY (I gave him a flashy gold purse to see what he would do... he stared at it then started BANGING the purse on his leg!).
Remember when Victor went through a phase and insisted on sleeping with his plastic bowling bowl?!

Chantal Park said...

New glasses! Cool! About the bangs, yeah...serious hack n whack job. I'm still cringing for her....

Man....this will be the first of MANY accidents. Although sometimes, some falls do call for panic. LOL. Hang tough girl!

And like your friend Shannon posted, YES PLEASE! DO add a pic of yourself...

Angella said...

I want to see a picture too!

And my boys often bring plastic toys to bed.

I don't get it either :)

Kaili said...

It's so tough to see your baby draw blood for the first time. I remember feeling so upset when Jaia did that. Same situtaion, tooth cut his lip. Poor dudes! I guess just a hint of what is to come by having active boys!