Thursday, January 17, 2008

i'll never learn...

i got my hair cut after having a mental breakdown last week.
in a funky, hip, salon where everyone had stylish and coiffed hair.
it made me bold enough to agree that a "bob" was too boring for someone as young as me.
on the suggestion of the stylist, i agreed that lots of layers would suit me.
lots of layers NEVER suits me.
it's due to the fact that my hair is stick straight and thick.
lots of layers, especially for a mama who RARELY has time to do my hair, makes me look "80's rocker-ish"...not the look i was going for.
now my option is to tough it out and wait for it to grow back.
or cut it even shorter (in an attempt to cut off some of the many many layers)

this is what i'm thinking...

do you think i'll regret it?


Audrey said...

I have a hair appt today at 10am and I was thinking of getting the very same haircut. We will be twins! And both very happy or else crying together. It will be great. Let's do it!

Sonia said...

Do it! You'll both look great I'm sure! I wanna see pics though!

joyce said...

perfect Audrey!!! you do it first. if it looks good on you, i'll do it. if it looks bad, then i won't have to!!!

Anonymous said...

Joyce! I can't believe you said that to Audrey! And she will totally know what you think of her "do"... if you get another cut then you've complimented Audrey; if you DON'T get it cut then well... I guess your silence will be well understood!

Susan said...

p.s. That was me in the above comment

p.p.s. Audrey, don't worry, you have such a pretty smile that no matter what, you'll look great.
Besides no one's going to notice the haircut (only the belly!)

Shannon said...

I think the cut is supercute. Post a pic when you get it done.

Are you getting it cut in Montreal? You're so lucky. The best coffee and croissants. I'm jealous.

And hungry..

Anonymous said...

DO IT DO IT DO IT! If that doesn't work, you can always go shorter. Hey, you are a momma now, arn't you supposed to have short short hair and "mom jeans"?



joyce said...

mom jeans = up to the waist, light blue, stone washed, with a baggy bum?



Chantal Park said...

Love the bob. I know what you mean about layers...But they always grow out so well...

As Nike says.. Just Do It.

Kaili said...

Do the bob Chicki! Audrey's hair looks so cute! We all love it!
Cut it short, I think you'd look really awesome with Katie's du!

Angella said...

Do it!

If I had straight hair, I'd go for the bob. DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...


I just got my hair cut in a bob last week!

Do it!