Thursday, January 03, 2008

glass half full or half empty?

pros of moving back in with your parents after almost 15 years of living on your own:

number of meals I've cooked since Dec. 14th = 0
number of times I've gone grocery shopping = 1
number of times I've bought diapers = 0
number of times I've gone to Starbucks = 22
number of times I've left Hudson alone with my parents = 2
number of times Hudson doesn't want me, and instead wants my mother = too many (starting to kinda hurt my feelings actually)
number of times I've cleaned the bathroom(s) = 0
number of times I've looked in the fridge and found nothing to eat = 0
number of times I used to look in the fridge in my old house and found nothing to eat = 1017

cons of moving back in with your parents:

number of times I've felt like a big loser for being 33 years old and moving in with my parents, lugging with me a 14 month old kid, a husband, a dog, and crazy amounts of haphazardly packed boxes labeled "MISC" = 3012

Seriously though...
I love Montreal. I am excited to get to know it all over again. Rob and I drove to Mont Royal on Christmas day, and drove around our other favorite city neighbourhoods. I love the old buildings. I love the stylishly dressed people. I have totally noticed the increased number of "HOT" girls (Montreal does seem to have more than other Canadian cities). I left this city when I was 18 years old. I never really lived here as an adult. So it's weird how I consider Montreal my "hometown", but don't really know it at all. It's a HUGE city with soooo many areas. I plan on rediscovering it while I'm living here. I'm just waiting for the sub zero temperatures to rise a bit before heading out!


Audrey said...

That's hilarious Joyce. Sorry that James and I have been adding to that con feeling by making fun of you on the phone. All just joking around you know. What do you mean you haven't bought diapers? Mom does that for you too? No way!

I miss Montreal so so much. I miss the food and the fashion and of course my family. When I go back now I feel like hillbilly.

Angella said...


I have never been to Montreal - I would like to one day.

Enjoy the help you get with Hudson - we don't have grandparents nearby, ans wish we did :)

Kaili said...

I was also wondering about the diaper Hudson just peeing and pooping everywhere?
I think Audrey is hinting that I am a hillbilly.....hmmmmm Haha!

Enjoy being nurtured and being around family lots. Hope everything works out soon for you guys and a direction is clearly given!

Shannon said...

What a hilarious post Joyce! I think it's so fun for you to rediscover Montreal. I have been there once and LOVED it! Yes, everyone there is so fashionable and the neighbourhoods are so beautiful and historical. When we arrived as refugees from the hurricane we looked like hillbillies, or worse...American tourists with our casual wear and a brick of USD crammed into our tiny pockets! I had to cancel a hair appt in Cayman to evacuate, and arrived in Montreal with rootage. I managed to make a hair appt in Montreal right beside Sofitel. They served the best coffee I have ever had in china cups and then brought me the most light and delicious croissants I have ever had! I felt like royalty! I always tell everyone out West that if they want an experience while getting their haircut to go to Montreal. It was an oddly blissful few days. And that haircut was sensational!

MommyKnows said...

I love Montreal! I went to boarding school just outside Montreal and have great memories of St. Catherine street ... St. Denis and more.

Enjoy ...

I think I want to move in with your parents. Enjoy ... can't last forever, right?