Monday, December 03, 2007

birth order and junk mail

1. my gramma used to say that two "babies" of the family (i say babies meaning "last born") make the worst couple because they are both... well...babyish. you know...the whole birth order thing...the youngest child is supposedly a little less ambitious, a little more immature, wants others to take responsibility, wants others to do things for them...blah blah blah. rob and i are both the babies of our families. and well...

we are moving out of our house in less than two weeks...

and i think we're both waiting for the other one to pack and get the house ready to move out.

2. we got 38 different flyers in the mail. i know it's christmas...but seriously...i counted...for real i counted...i'm not exaggerating...we got 38 DIFFERENT flyers in our mailbox...38 different retail stores! i didn't even think there were 38 different retail stores in the Ottawa area. call it procrastination from packing, but i HAD to count the pile because it was THAT big. this wasn't an accumulation of junk mail over the week. this was delivered all at once!

3. considering we don't have a forwarding address yet...i wonder how santa is going to know where to deliver our gifts?!? (excuse birth order is coming out).


Kaili said...

MOVE to P'town!! I'm going to bug you till you do it!

Susan said...

Well Little Sister,
You are going to have to make a new game with Hudson:
1) Place some empty boxes around the house and have Hudson throw in whatever he likes.
2) When the box is full, tape it closed and write "whatever, where ever"
3) You will have fun when it's time to open the boxes!

p.s. Hurry up, procrastinator, none of us are going to go help you!

Audrey said...

Well at least you are aware of the problem.
Instead of counting the flyers you should be counting how many empty boxes you have downstairs...crazy sister!
Good luck!

Angella said...

I love how you used the juice box to give it scale :)

Chantal Park said...

so...did the juice box come with the flyers too? lol. I hear ya. Now, get packin'. It'll go faster than you think!

Shannon said...

You still need all that stuff, so don't worry about packing! 2 weeks is plenty of time! Packing goes fast. Unpacking....that's an entirely different took us 7 weeks. I hope you beat that crappy record.