Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hudson's first steps!

Hudson did it! He took his first unaided steps last night! He was pretty proud of himself!


Audrey said...

Bravo Hudson! You look GREAT! YEAH!!!

Angella said...

Yay Hudson!

Watch out, Momma!


Shannon said...

Great job Hudson! Soon he'll be running marathons Joyce and Rob!

Kaili said...

So Good!!!!!!! He looks so cute!!
Way to go dude!
I love that Jaia can walk, I was not a fan of the before walking stage.

Anonymous said...

Yay Hudson...pretty soon you will be running!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Hudson - you look great!!!! Love you!!!!



Anonymous said...

Bravo Hudson,My Grandson
miss you .

Chantal Park said...

WHEEEEEE!!!!! Now lock and hide everything in your house....because they will find and get to everything. Oh yes, you betcha..