Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!!!

Hudson's first Halloween!!! We had a blast dressing him up as the cutest Ducky we've ever laid eyes on. He had fun going to a few neighbour's houses, and he got to see all (we estimate 140!) the many Trick or Treaters coming to our door. I was hoping we would have some leftover chocolate and chips this year...but no such luck...our loot was wiped out.

Gotta go...Hudson's in bed...and Rob and I rented a scary movie to watch...

Happy Halloween!


audrey said...

Quack Quack! He is the cutest ducky EVER. Adorable. Nice 'happy' looking pumpkins.

What's up with the Christmas bag that Hudson is holding. Just kidding.

I'm so happy that we have blogger so I can see my nephew on Halloween. Oh and I can't believe how many trick or treaters you guys had. We had only 45. So we have tons of chips and chocolates left.

Angella said...


Chantal Park said...

Joyce, where'd you get that costume? It's really cute, and really well-done. His first Halloween, so much fun! We didn't have as much kids at this new place. But the street behind the house, whew! Looked like Times Square there were so many kids. Maybe cuz we live on a busier street.. We've got tons of leftovers..want some?? lol.

Who's the lil'Batman?? Batman and Ducky..huh, who'da thunk? To the rescue!

Kaili said...

Cute cute cute!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!!


Anonymous said...

Too cute Hudson! Nicho was a duck one year too!! He had decided that he was too cool for Halloween this year. I was so sad.

I love the pumpkins...not as green as last year..hehehe.

Holidays are creeping up on us. Hope you are free for the annual get together?


Anonymous said...

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