Thursday, October 11, 2007

For Sale!

it's official. i just registered our humble little home for sale with a local online company. they should be getting back to us tomorrow with the final details. it's crazy since we knew when we bought this place that it was only a "starter" home...but i'm still really sad to put it up for sale. it's cozy, cute...and feels like mine mine mine!!!

our frontyard



dining room


master bedroom

guest bedroom



anyone want to buy it?


Audrey said...

Looks great. Hope it sells quickly!

Shannon said...

You have a great home! I bet you'll miss it with lots of happy memories. All the best in the sale and in your new home/location.

And yes, I would be interested. I need more spec's such as location, etc. I'll talk to Jeff. If not us, than I'll ask around at our weekend conference. There's tonnes of Easterners at it and of course 800 real estate investors.

How much commission would I get if I sold it this weekend? ;)

Seriously, I'll ask.

Anonymous said...

Your place is lovely Joyce! I'm sure it will sell quickly. Best of luck with finding a beautiful second home.


Chantal Park said...

I love this house! Why are you moving?? I love that breakfast nook. And it's so well-decorated...Where are you guys going to move to?

Ah well, you'll love your new home too. This house will sell quickly for sure. It's so nice!

Kaili said...

I'll take it! Ok just kidding. But it's so nice, you guys have done a really nice job. I like!

Savannah said...

Great work.