Monday, September 24, 2007

My favorite season

I love the fall. Especially in this part of Canada...where the trees GLOW yellow, orange and red. We went for a walk in Gatineau Park. The trees have started turning colors...we'll have to return in a week or two when the leaves will be at their height of "glowness"...yes that's a word.

Meech Lake


Audrey said...

Hi Joyce. Wait...I just saw these pics on Facebook! Just kidding. I like your funky tanktop. The pictures are great. I also love this time of year. Especially when the leaves are so colorful. You're right we don't get that here. Maybe the odd tree here and there but nothing like out east.

Kaili said...

Nice pictures!
This time of year is the BEST for going for walks. Jaia and I are headed out in a hour. Hudson is SO cute!

Shannon said...

No doubt that the East has the best Fall. Enjoy it! Great pic's of the family!