Sunday, June 10, 2007

Smartly hubby...

Two years ago Rob started the Dental Hygiene program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. He was one of 58 selected out of 1100 applicants! This week he graduated...with HONOURS! We were so proud watching him receive his diploma. I had to cheer out loud (a wahoo!) even though we were asked NOT to applaud until all the students in the discipline had walked across the podium. He had a tough two years...going to school full-time, working part-time, volunteering, being a husband, and most importantly...becoming a papa! He made it look easy, even though that kind of "load" would have killed the average person. It's a tribute to how strong he smartly husband!


Audrey said...

YEAH Rob! It seems like the 2 years have flown by. But I guess it's different for you who had to do all the studying and hard work. I'm really happy for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rob!

I am really happy for you guys. I am glad to see that all of your hard work paid off.

Good Luck!


Susan said...

Way to go Rob!
We are very proud of you!
You look super happy in your Ahn-Taylor family portrait. So does this mean that Hudson will have the best teeth in Kindergarten?


Kaili said...

Woo Hoo Rob, way to go!
Now you guys are going to move to Penticton and Rob can work at James' office right? Great, then we can hang out! AWESOME!

Shannon said...

Congratulations Rob! That is fantastic! All the hard work and stress was definitely worth it, as evident by the great (shiny and clean) smiles in all the photos!! What an accomplishment!

Chantal Park said...

Way to go Mr.-I-Never-Met-You-But-Joyce-Is-So-Happy-Dental-Dude!!!

What in heck are you gonna do with all this free time now?? lol