Wednesday, April 04, 2007

100 Things Continued...

20. This list originally started all the way back in November
21. For those of you who need reminding...that's the month Hudson was born
22. Hence why the list of 100 things ended at only the number "19"
23. I cry easy...and laugh easy
24. I also get mad easy...bad tempers run in my family
25. I always scream when killing a's not just comes out
26. I prefer Oatmeal Raisin to Chocolate Chip cookies
27. Socks make my toes feel clausterphobic
28. I once tasted The Body Shop's "Nut Butter" body cream because it smelled so yummy
29. It was absolutely disgusting
30. People made fun of me for doing that...because I was an "adult" and should have known better
31. I'm still irresponsible like a kid
32. I can guiltLESSly eat a piece of cake or lasanga (when we have it) for breakfast
33. But only when Rob's not home to witness it
34. I wipe up small spills on the floor with my sock
35. I haven't mopped the floors in my house for longer than I care to admit
36. I call Bosco over to lick up the crumbs or spills I don't mop up with my sock
37. I LOVE the sun
38. I HATE the rain
39. I usually get along better with guys than I do with girls
40. I have 4 good girlfriends
41. Once Rob told me I was "unwifely"
42. I took it as a compliment
43. It was probably meant as an insult
44. I never get smelly B.O.
45. If I could change one thing about myself...I would like to be taller
46. Actually I would also like bigger boobs
47. And clearer skin
48. So those would be the 3 things I would change about myself, if I could
49. I suck at Math
50. I was always good at English
51. My sister Audrey's list of "100 Things" made me cry
52. It made my other sister Susan cry too
53. So Audrey deleted it, which is too bad cuz it was good
54. I miss living in Vancouver
55. I also miss living in Montreal
56. I think I'm one of those people who thinks "the grass is always greener on the other side"
57. I think "The Secret" is full of crap
58. Because I have envisioned winning the lottery for years now, and it's never happened
59. I want to go to Hawaii with my unmarried and non-parental friends next month
60. But I can't...because I'm married...and a mom, and will probably cramp their style
61. I have a vivid imagination
62. I once thought my friend Nathalie was throwing me a surprise birthday party
63. She didn't...and Audrey still laughs about it to this day
64. I sometimes regret my tattoos
65. I can barely swim
66. Yesterday I walked by Thyme Maternity and saw a really cute top and it made me miss my baby bump
67. I am trying to type quietly because Hudson is sleeping next to me
68. His nursery room isn't finished yet
69. It's partly his fault for coming one week early
70. It hurts my feelings when no one leaves comments on my blog
71. Even though I read some blogs and never leave a comment
72. My mosquito bites get humungous
73. Is that how you spell humungous?
74. Recently a salesman came to my house
75. And when I answered the door...he asked if my PARENTS were home
76. Ha ha ha I loved it. And wasn't lying when I told him "No"
77. I always enter contests
78. So far the only thing I've ever won has been a tub of Protein Powder
79. I like my food salty
80. Which is bad because high blood pressure runs in my family
81. I regret that my grandmother died alone
82. In the future if a loved one is really sick, I will stay there 24/7
83. Most people bug me
84. But the people I like...I really like
85. I think I'm allergic to alcohol because I almost always get sick from drinking
86. Except red moderation
87. I still remember my first phone number and postal code, even though it's been over 20 years since we moved from that house
88. 694-5261 and H9H 3W8
89. I have lots of pet peeves
90. The most current one is the midget's cousin talking in a fake accent on "The Amazing Race"
91. By "midget" I mean the new politically correct term "little person"
92. My old boss called me "high maintenance"
93. I think he may be right
94. I love driving by the Parliament or night
95. I know nothing about politics or world issues
96. I have learned a lot from watching movies like JFK, Blood Diamond, Shindler's List...etc.
97. I am open minded and non judgemental of people's race, color, sexual orientation...etc.
98. But can be catty about their fashion sense
99. I saw "New Kids on the Block" in concert
100. And liked it.


Audrey said...

How in the world did you get to type all that up? Was Hudson having a marathon nap?

So you got me back. I cried after reading your list. Due to no. 81. I regret that too so much.

I love you sis.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the laugh Joyce. Brilliant. Except, not laughing over 81 like Audrey. Really sorry and sad to hear that. I'm going thru that right now, but glad I got to say goodbye and didn't have to experience what you gals had to.

I like "Robisms" such as "unwifely." That is funny.

Anonymous said...


What Birthday Party!? You never told me you thought I was throwing you surprise party. That`s funny!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you forget about the Vanilla Ice concert? I was there with you!


Cindy said...

I too seen New Kids on the Block in concert. It was my first concert ever (I was like 7). I fell asleep. Through the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

So as not to hurt your feelings here is a response! I so agree with the fake accent. I actually yell at the TV. I want the little person team to win so she can get away from her cousin. I hate her cousin. Jan and I both agree with cleaning up small spils with the sock. That is the most mopping that gets done in our house. For some reason the cats don't like to lick crumbs! I am still working on that.

Chantal Park said...

What do you mean you think the Secret is crap?! Lady, "the Secret" is what gets me through most days at work with my "walk on eggshells" new boss. Lol!

And her lackey sidekick. In my mind, I have already envisioned them GONE.

You are one funny and wonderful person.