Monday, March 19, 2007

Where do I begin?

The Taylor Family!

Sarah in her pretty dress and cake

Hudson and Bob

Hudson in his big boy clothes

I think this may be the longest I've gone without updating my blog. This last week has been crazy. Where do I even start? Ummm, let's begin with last Sunday. We were honored to be asked to be Godparents to Sarah, Rob's niece. Her baptism was last Sunday in Montreal. We were planning on driving to Montreal on Saturday night after Rob finished work at around 3pm. Rob came home, wanted to take a little nap before leaving...and after all was said and done, we decided to leave early Sunday morning instead. Early for us is 9am. That would give us 2 hours to spare in Montreal before having to be at the church at 1pm. 9am came and went, and we were still running around getting organized. The story of our lives. We left an hour later than planned. 10am. Still enough time to get ready and nurse Hudson before having to be at the church. Enough time for Starbucks? Of course...there is always time for Starbucks when on a road trip. 10:30am...on the road, Starbucks in hand...listening to some music on the radio...when...the DJ mentions something about Daylight Savings Time. What?!? OH MY GOD!!! We forgot to turn the clocks ahead!!! We are SOOOOO late!!! Soooooo late. That makes it 11:30am, and the drive from Ottawa to Montreal is just under 2 hours. And we still have to get ready. Shit shit shit. We have to call Rob's brother and explain what's happening. He's understandably not impressed. We feel awful. Okay, new FAST, skip dropping the dog off at Rob's parents house (his second home), instead drive directly to Rob's brother's place, jump into our "church" clothes, and go to church. This means NO time for ironing, NO time for makeup, and more importantly, NO time for nursing Hudson. Shit shit shit. To make a long story short, we arrive at Rob's brothers place at 1pm (the time we are all supposed to be at church). They couldn't even leave without us, because they had to let us in the house. We take 30 seconds to get dressed. Bosco is going crazy in the house...Richard has two golden retrievers that Bosco LOVES to play with. All three dogs are locked in the kitchen via babygate. Definitely no time to nurse poor Hudson (who has been cooped up in the carseat this whole time). I brought a white button-down dress shirt and army green cords to dress him in. Could you imagine if I had the balls to say "I know we're super late, and you're all waiting...but do you mind if I get Hudson out of his PJ's and dressed in his cute, big-boy, church clothes?" I wasn't that dumb. He was staying as is. So we finally get to the church at 1:15pm, walk in, and that's when Hudson decided he had had enough. Yup. My little guy was not happy. At all. Bawling little stinker. This was getting more and more stressful. I had to leave the baptism to nurse him a little. For the sake of making this story shorter, the ceremony went okay after Hudson had a little boob. Sarah was so good...didn't flinch at all getting the cold holy water and oily stuff on her head. We did it. It was over. Next came time for lunch at The Baton Rouge. Rob and I needed a pitstop at Richard's place first. To properly nurse Hudson and check on the dogs. We told everyone we'd meet them at the restaurant. We pull up to the house and realize we can hear Bosco barking. And sure enough...there is his little black goofy head at the front door window. Remember...he was supposed to be locked in the kitchen? Huh. We walk into the house and find that he's busted out of jail. Baby gate is knocked to the floor. And the funnier thing...both other dogs know they aren't allowed out and stayed in the kitchen the whole time even though they could have had free reign of the house. That's not our Bosco. We finally made it to the restaurant a half hour late, only to realize that everyone had waited for us to order their food. Arrrrg. Felt bad again. We could have joked that we were just getting them back for being late to our wedding...but Richard and Anita were the only ones who made it on time!!! Anyway, after everyone had some wine, a yummy meal, and some cake...good moods were back again. Whew!

And as for the rest of the week...
1. Visit Halmonie in Montreal
2. Halmonie gets sick with bad cold
3. Joyce gets sick with bad cold
4. Hudson gets sick with bad cold (his first one ever)
5. Life is soooo hard when you're the mama to a sick baby. Soooo hard. No time for blogging. Even now...I hear Hudson fussing with his papa.


Audrey said...

Finally, an update! With pictures! Bonus for us! That baptism story is soooo funny....I love it. Reminds me so much of how crazy it was for us at your wedding. Sarah looks like such a cutie. And of course, I want to kiss kiss kiss Hudson.

Shannon said...

Joyce is BACK! Funny blog Joyce, but absolutely sick for you! Everything that could go wrong did, but, in the end, you're godparents to a little beauty. Congratulations Sarah! Funny Bosco. Adorable Hudson in his big boy outfit. Audrey can kiss kiss kiss him...I want to squeeze those cheeks!