Friday, December 08, 2006

before and after...

Shower BEFORE Hudson:
  • patiently wait for perfect water temperature
  • allow water to completely soak hair and body
  • shampoo, and sometimes repeat (to clean out hair products)
  • put in conditioner...allow to penetrate hair before rinsing out
  • wash all over
  • shave all necessary body parts
  • pumice-stone heels of feet
  • wash face
  • take extra time rinsing everything and enjoy sensation of hot water before getting out

Shower AFTER Hudson:

  • get in
  • shampoo hair once (no need to repeat anyway, as I don't use hair products anymore)
  • condition hair
  • quickly wash body parts that need washing (i.e. armpits, privates, feet)
  • wash face
  • get out
Getting dressed for the day is similar...
Before Hudson: Care about clothes matching, looking stylish, looking sexy...
After Hudson: Care that shirt/top has easy access to getting boob out for nursing...

Don't even get me started on makeup and hair...


Kaili said...

I love that post. SO TRUE. Pits and privates, so true, hahaha! When Robin is home I have a super looooooong shower and enjoy the steaming hot water till it almost runs out!

Anonymous said...

WOW Joyce! The fact that you can manage to have a shower and get dressed with a newborn amazes me.

I remember with Ava (our first), if I wasn't breastfeeding, I was pumping (low milk supply). So, I just resorted to wearing my nursing bra and shorts around the house. Shower?!? What's that? Cooking?!? Take in. Cleaning?!? Next topic please.

So, to hear you're able to do both...that's wonderful!

Keep up the good work..and Hudson is just adorable!


audrey said...

Joyce, people don't realize how huge that is that you don't wear hair products or makeup. I don't even remember you not doing your hair and your makeup before going out. Babies change everything, eh? Where are the new pics of Baby Hudson?

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious Joyce. Glad to hear you're still sanitary.

Cindy said...

That is hilarious! At least you are still able to condition your hair. When I'm realllly rushed for time that is the step I skip, which usually results in static-y hair.