Tuesday, November 21, 2006

100 things

i loved reading these lists on people's blogs...
you really get a feel for the person writing them...
a glimpse into their lives...

here's mine:

1. this is the longest i've been alone with my new baby (going on 2 hours)
2. because rob is at school
3. and my mom is out shopping for me...i need new underwear...my pre-pregnancy ones sit right at my c-section incision line which is very painful
4. she also has to buy some "newborn" size sleepers for Hudson...i have tons of size 3months...which are way too big for my little bugger
5. i thought my baby was going to be late (past 40 weeks) and large (over 8 pounds)
6. instead, he was early and tiny
7. yesterday i dropped the phone on Hudson's head while I was nursing him
8. i felt horrible, especially when it left a mark
9. today the mark is gone, thank god.
10. i am vain and can admit it. today i had a mini breakdown because i feel ugly and nothing fits right (hence why my mom is out shopping for underwear for me)...
11. i haven't worn makeup since giving birth
12. this would be the longest i've gone without wearing make up in probably 15-20 years!
13. the first thing i said after Hudson was born was "hi stinker"
14. i'm never going to make it to 100
15. because i'm typing with one hand, while holding Hudson with my other arm
16. and my arm is already killing me...because i don't have any muscles...
17. because i hate exercise
18. i'm done...and may continue later...
19. or maybe not...


Shannon said...

I love it Joyce! You're awesome for still typing on your blog while busy with little bugger. He is adorable and I'm glad you are having a blast with him:)

Susan said...

You are so funny!!
Would you feel better if I found you some post-pregnancy thongs?!

audrey said...

Joyce, this post was great. You write really well. Entertaining and so honest. Really impressive that you are blogging with Hudson in your arms.

Kaili said...

Hahaha! I saw "100 things" and double checked that it was you blog, I was in SHOCK thinking oh man this new Mom can actually do a 100 list, WOW!!! I so couldn't have when J was so little, and even now, I had to get R to play with him while I finished it.
I love you list. Freak outs were quite common around here post Jaia. And like you our Baby Bean was early and tini too. We couldn't find "preemie" clothes anywhere, and everything looked too big. Now that he is big and chunky I see preemie clothes EVERYWHERE. Geesh.
I still type with one hand most of the time, I nurse and check blogs when we are home.
You sound good. Keep it up awesome new Mama!

Cindy said...

I hope eventually you will be able to finish the 100 list. I love those as well and have been meaning to post one for like months now. Very ambitious undertaking for a new mother though. Ah, you'll get used to typing with one hand soon enough, I have already mastered it because my cat seems to think that while i am on the computer I am HIS!!!

Maria said...

Hey Rob and Joyce,
I'm sure this may not be the forum to catch up with old acquaintance, but Mark and Ronel emailed us the news and I could catch an email address off the site so I'm having to post this on the blog for the world to read.
Don't know if you guys still remember us but so many moons ago Rob and I worked at Fridays together with the rest of the gang. Then you guys moved to Montreal (ottawa?) and we lost touch, but now Kevin and i live in Los Angeles and are even further away from it all...
Anyways I'm babbling on what is supposed to be a short comment area. We just wanted to say congratulations on your baby boy. He is gorgeous. Kevin and I were just recently married and don't have our baby (yet!) You tell us how it goes....If either you or Rob have the time (which you won't now that you have the little one), drop us a line at sweecheerful@hotmail.com. We would love to hear from you.
Congratulations again from old friends.
-Maria and Kevin (of Vancouver)

Amanda said...

What?! You had your baby?! I haven't checked in in a while. CONGRATULATIONS!! He is beautiful.