Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If it's not one's another...

Let me start by saying that I have had an easy pregnancy so far. When I hear and compare stories with other pregnant women, I do consider myself lucky. Morning sickness for me translated into just feeling nauseous for about a month...and only 2 weeks of that month was bad. Since then a few extra varicose veins has surfaced, but nothing crazy, my feet aren't swollen, no popped out belly button, no signs of stretch marks (yet)...etc, I am pretty much exactly the same as non-pregnant Joyce, except I have a buddah belly. BUT if it's not one's another. My first blood glucose test came back with elevated levels, so I had to go back for the DREADED second test last week. It was awful. I felt so sick from the mixture of drinking the nasty super-sweet orange soda and getting three blood test done in two hours, that I had to lie down in the clinic to keep myself from throwing up or passing out (and I took the rest of the day off from work). Yesterday I found out that I DON'T have gestational test came back good (whew!) the concern is that I LOST weight since my last doctor's appointment in August. This is the time in pregnancy where you are supposed to GAIN weight, NOT stay the same, and definitely NOT LOSE weight. It was only a pound, but's freaking me out. My doctor wanted to know what I was doing differently. And no offence, but I think it was kinda HER fault! After thinking I may be at risk for gestational diabetes, I avoided sugar and carbs, as per her recommendation! It's kinda nerve-wracking carrying a baby inside you. A tiny little thing that seems so fragile...being so dependant on everything you do. If I want Starbucks, baby gets Starbucks whether he/she wants it or not (don't freak out, I get decaf...or at least 1/2 decaf once a day). If I want junk food, baby has to eat junk food...etc. I am just praying that this weight loss was a one time fluke and not a sign that something isn't right. The internet is both my best friend and worst enemy in this has so much "feeds" a paranoid, addictive personality like me, with too much detail on anything and everything pregnancy-related.


Audrey said...

Don't worry Joyce. Everything will be just fine. It's natural to worry about the health of the baby. And you are right, the internet does feed you endless stressful information that probably doesn't even apply to you. So you worried for nothing. Eat lots of nuts and cottage cheese. James made me do the same thing so I thought I'd make you do the same thing being your bossy older sister and everything.

Dad said...

Any way always attention for your changing matters...
I think same as like Audrey's comment.
It looks a natural.
You got too much weight during last month.

Take care.
I love you.

Jessica said...

Glad to hear the tests came back negative...don't fret, one pound is nothing, could have definately been brought on by worry...if it was five pounds or more, they would have looked into it. You look great and everything has been fine, relax and enjoy the rest of the "Little Bugger's" stay at "Hotel de Mommy's Belly".

Anonymous said...

To my daughter

The good old days ,most expecting mom were listening the good music and ead healthy and perfect one for babys and thinkink positive way how and what will do best for the baby even they do not know the all kind of so called knowledge .
on the way to go gorvernment rord ,there was a signs "worry is seeding negative thoght" so don't worry and be happy .

Anonymous said...


I am glad to hear that everything turned out well. Take it easy and stay away from the internet! You are doing everything that you are supposed to be doing. Think positive and the rest will follow.
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Lots of love,


P.S worrying IS natural. I believe it is a sign of being a good mom! Just don`t let "worry" take over.

Anonymous said...

Joyce if it wasn't for your playfully neurotic thinking the "4" would have nothing to talk about. The "Little Bugger" is fine and he/she will be helping us customize cars with feather boahs, nailing crazy crap to walls in the home decor business, cleaning up the dog poop in the doggy daycare/coffee shop/radio talk show studio, and making me and Jan bulgogi when he/she is good and ready to do so when you guys move back to Vanc!! :-P p.s. So quiet lately, was one weekend in Vanc. enough?? ha ha