Sunday, March 26, 2006

What DRAWS people to ART??

It's funny how something so abstract can make you know 100%, that for whatever reason you can't love it.

I fell in love with this painting from a local young artist from around the Ottawa Area. I found her by fluke online. Her work consists of lots of asian-inspired themes (florals like my dad used to paint, but with a modern twist). Anyway, I contacted her and she's painting me something similar to this...except instead of the Chinese symbol for "Wisdom" (which is what is on the existing painting), I asked if she could paint me the symbol for "Love" because it means more to me. I would much rather be in LOVE than be WISE!!! This will be my first purchase of original artwork in my life! And it cost the same as buying a poster/print from an art store! I was contemplating buying it and giving it to Rob for his birthday which is in a few weeks...but it felt like I was cheating him out of a birthday present. Buying him something that really it's ME that wants! And considering it's my first purchase of art, I think it's only right that I buy it for ME ME ME!


audrey said...

Hi Pon, Looks nice and very dramatic. Good for you. Maybe you should also get 'wisdom' painting which will help you pass the mutual funds exam. haha. just kidding.

Dad said...

Funny hobby!!!
Joyce, Have a nice weekend.