Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Emagin Ajia!!!

Rob's nephew had a little girl last week...I don't know what "title" that would give us...Second Aunt and Uncle? Never heard of it...but whatever the formalities are, Ema is darned adorable. And the luckiest little bugger ever. She lives 5 minutes from both sets of grandparents, who are itchin' to help babysit.

One of the first things Travis told Rob after Ema was born was how lucky they are, that they are "guys", and don't have to go through with child birth!! But he was a trooper and stayed in the delivery room the entire time, although he admitted he was feeling kinda faint near the end!

It's times like this when I'm envious of families who all live in the same city!!! I wish we lived driving distance to everyone in our families...I would LOVE to hold and smell the baby!!!


audrey said...

Wow, she's really cute. We CAN live in the same city... just move to Penticton! Or I can try and win the 6-49 so we can move to Montreal. Better go buy a ticket. But even if I win the lottery I think that I would want to stay in the Okanagan. It's so beautiful here. Looks like you guys are moving here!

Kaili said...

What a beautiful Baby!!! You're the one who moved, it's much easier to beg people to move to the Okanagan cause it's like paradise, but GOOD LUCK trying to get everyone to move THERE! Hahah!

Dina said...

Wow, a new little creature...so cute.

Same city? I hear you.

Kaili said...

I keep checking your blog to see if you have updated, but really to see sweet Baby Emagin, she is such a beautiful Baby!!!!!